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Industry sectors

Beverage industry

We supply the Electrical equipment for the water-processing lines in the beverage industry of Germany’s leading manufacturer. For the biggest plants we use de-centralized control components fitted to on-site cabinets. All operations are controlled via large graphic control panels. These panels display the entire network together with all its components (Valves, pumps etc.) in graphically animated form.

Also, all operation-hours of pumps and the number of the valve’s switch cycles are logged, which is useful for maintenance and other purposes.



Wire and cable industry

A lot of industrial clients entrust their production of countless miles of wires and cables in our products and services. Controls for production lines as well as maintenance and diagnostic electronics are only a small part of our services.


Sheet metal processing

Here we offer a wide variety of possibilities:

  • Winders and unwinders
  • Longitudinal cutting
  • Guillotine shears and stackers
  • Edge controls


Special appliances

Here is excerpt from the multitude of areas that we cater to. Talk to us about your challenge, we are looking forward to it!

  • Winders and unwinders
  • Line controls
  • Edge controls
  • Assembly lines
  • Filter technology
  • Fiber preparation